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Welcome to my webpage!

First a short intoduction. My name is Teodor. I created this webpage in IT1 at Kuben VGS in my second year of school. The coding is based only around html and css. The reason for this is the fact that we didnt get a way to upload into a database in our domain. For updates and when things where added check out the blogg tab, under more in the nav bar. In the about page i go more into what i used and where, its allso coded trough the new css grid system. You can find all the tasks we had to do during our year in the Tasks tab. The last tab is the Asalis tab under the more section. This will take you to the webpage i created to make my E-Sport teams webpage. I did this to try and test with html and css in the start. You can always use the the home tab to get back to this page

With Regards from Teodor S. Selfors! (not Theodor)